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Another Phase is a woman's accessories brand that specializes in using extraordinary elements and semiprecious stones to create unique statements with bold colored pieces. 

Another Phase Collections includes rings, bracelets, chokers, cuff links, brooches, anklets and tie tacks, along with home furnishing items such as light-switch covers, picture frames, mirrors and most recently exotic skin handbags.

All of Another Phase accessories are works of art that are personalized and have variations in character and form, which truly make all items - even those duplicated - unique and special. Our one-of-a-kind designs keeps our clients at heart.



How We Got Here

Born in Orangeburg, South Carolina owner Karen Roache attended and graduated from Hampton University. Shortly after graduation she began making jewelry and started Another Phase by Karen Roache. Largely self-taught, Karen developed her own unique style and methods. Inspired by nature's simple beauty, she uses uncommon elements and extraordinary stones to create and compliment her works of art.

 Many of her pieces are one of a kind. All items from her collection are personalized and have variations in character and form, which truly makes all items - even those duplicated- unique and special. Nothing is mass-produced. You will find stones from all parts of the globe brought together to give her collection a universal appeal. "I want people to look at my jewelry and see the treasures that exist naturally." 

Currently, Karen exhibits nationally and sells to better boutiques, galleries, and museums all over the United States and internationally.


Our collections celebrate global culture.  Karen's designs take her all over the world. Weaving bone and horn from indigenous animals; pearls from oceans; coral and shells from exotic reefs and coasts. She uses beads that are not only ancient artifacts, but are metal ornaments made by local craftsmen and women. Karen reminisced of the time she was buying stones from a local miner in Jaipur, India. As she was negotiating, she got wet from a cow taking a tinkle that was in the next stall!!! :)   


She could also enlighten you of the time she was snorkeling on a reef in Bermuda. She saw the most beautiful purple coral and immediately desired to have it for her designs. Though she was told not to break the coral, she did anyway. She was then stung by hundreds of fire coral bugs sending her home with a temporary paralyzed hand the size of a gorilla!!! :) 

Karen describes another most interesting moment when she was travelling to New Delhi, India.  She came upon the most beloved female minister from the states. This famed & beloved woman was a customer and friend of Karen's who invited her to travel along on her trip to the Taj Mahal. It was then, that she was invited to meet the Dalai Lama. Woefully, Karen declined, expressing she didn't want to miss her planned trip to Jaipur to search for precious stones. She assured the minister that she would meet the Dalai Lama another time.


She could also tell you about the time she went to Dubai, and she was searching for rare metal artifacts. She decided to go on an excursion to Oman. She ignorantly took photographs of the police as she was crossing into the country. She was pulled from the van, verbally violated, and almost arrested. Karen expressed, "It was the scariest moment of my life! But I came out of Oman and Dubai with some beautiful artifacts lol!!!" :)

All in all, Karen has traveled the nation and partnered with authentic sources to ensure that her designs are extravagant & her customers are ecstatic!         

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